The lion sleeps tonight

Zoo Outfit 1

Headband – Topshop / Dress – Yumi / Bag – Zara / Shoes – Clarks

Zoo Outfit 2

Zoo Outfit 3

My evening on Friday topped all of the Friday evenings spent before. After 7pm in the summer months, children are banished from London Zoo and stalls for food and drinks are erected for all the adults out there who are really just kids at heart. I am definitely a kid at heart, especially when it comes to animals! I can’t help but coo and aww whatever animal comes my way (except bugs, I absolutely can’t stand bugs!).

Many people were wearing animal onesies or a pair of animal ears, but I decided to go for my new nautical-themed Yumi dress, with a flower headband.Β I nearly ran into the zoo with the boyfriend as we excitedly rushed from animal house to animal house, looking at all the poor tired animals trying to get an early night’s sleep. I discovered the boyfriend had a fear of snakes (that’s never come up in conversation before!), whilst he tried to push me towards the cockroaches in the bug house (eugh!), but that didn’t matter much. I was in my happy place, and I was singing this song over and over in my head!

I will post more about our outing later in the week, but have any of you been to Zoo Lates?

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  1. sounds like a very fun evening! your outfit is adorable as well :) haven’t been to a zoo for years and years – I’m a bit conflicted about them so i don’t go out of my way to visit them, but i have to admit i love looking at photos from other people’s visits! x

  2. I went to London Zoo Lates two years ago and I really enjoyed it. I want to go to The National History Museum’s dinosaur lock in next but it’s pretty expensive, maybe for my birthday!

    p.s pretty floral headband!

    1. I’ve recently been to the dinosaur exhibit at the Natural History Museum and it’s pretty cool! It does get a bit claustrophobic though because there’s a lot of children.

  3. I keep seeing posts both about the London lates and the Edinburgh zoo ones too, and they’ve all looked fantastic. I’m a bit funny about zoos, and I don’t know much about London and how it operates, but I like the adults only approach. It’s a great way to get adults to engage with something I think it’s easy to think of as being for children. Also – love your headband! B xx

    1. Aww thank you! I don’t really mind having children around in the zoos, but it’s quite nice having an adults only night because you don’t have to keep making way for all the children and prams around!

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