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Wow, I can’t believe it’s already Thursday! I’m halfway through my week off, but I’ve managed to use this valuable time off to catch up on sleep, try out a few new exercise regimes and do a bit of shopping. After a very sleepy morning yesterday, I decided to drag myself out of the house to buy a yoga mat, catch some rays and get a very late lunch. When I don’t have the energy to go into Central London, I like catching the bus to neaby Brixton, which if you haven’t been to, is one of the most lively, rich areas of London.

One of the best parts of Brixton is Brixton Village; I’m so.. so lucky to have it near to me. It’s a veritable smörgåsbord (love that word) of cafés, restaurants, cute little boutiques and food stalls. It’s easy to spend a lot of time wandering around in the market, just because it’s so difficult to pick between the many unique restaurants. It’s foodie heaven!

I decided in the spirit of the World Cup to try out a Brazilian creperie called Senzala, which is situated across from Honest Burgers in the market. They offer a wide selection of savoury and sweet crepes, as well as tapas, milkshakes and ice creams. The boyfriend later asked why I didn’t just go to My Old Dutch – because this restaurant is so much better than My Old Dutch, don’t even compare the two!

I chose to have the healthy light option of chocolate milkshake – a glass of 80% chocolate ice cream, 15% chocolate chunks and a very small amount of whatever else goes in a milkshake. It was beautiful. I drank all of it. I found it really difficult to pick between the crepes, but I’m glad I chose the King Prawn Cajun savoury crepe. It was the best thing I have had all week, filled with juicy prawns, peppers, onions and cheese, as well as a whole lot of cajun flavouring. I really really wanted to finish it all off, but alas, I was sort of defeated after the milkshake.

If you ever head down to Brixton and want some recommendations of which restaurants to go to, I’m definitely here to help. I’ve been to a far few and they’ve not disappointed me yet.

Brixton Village Market
41-42 Coldharbour Lane
London SW9 8PS
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  1. i love the colourful shop front so much!! gorgeous. and the food looks a-mazing. Brixton is quite far from me but i’m willing to go there to try out all the great places in BV x

  2. I’ve never visited Brixton but this place looks great. I had my first ever savoury crepe a few weeks ago and I think it’s a revelation for me, previously I only ever stuck to your standard sweet crepes but savoury ones are great.

    I’m also with you on loving the word smorgasbord, I love it when other languages have just one word for something it takes us a whole lot to describe.

  3. I love savoury crepes! There’s a little cafe around the corner from me and they do amazing ones. They don’t do milkshakes though, so maybe they need to work on it, as that looks delicious! B xx

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